On February 11, our children, youth, and adults from our church went to the Life Care Center in Wartburg to minister to the residents there.  You will see in the red wagons stuffed animals that were given to the residents.  We also had cards made by our Children in Action that were given out as we went down the hallways.  The residents and nursing home staff were thrilled by the kindness of the children.  Our children brought many smiles and a few tears to the folks that call this place home.

IMG_2023We also sang a few songs on each hallway to let people know that Jesus loves them and that God is so good.  After our visit, we went back to the church and had a time of eating and fellowship at our Activities Center.  Was it success?  Any time we minister in Jesus’ name and we exalt the name of Jesus, it is a success.  Most of all, these children learned that they can be blessing to adults.  They learned that they too can be ministers for Christ.

Thanks for listening,

Pastor Paul Frick