We are all being impacted by the corona virus. Schools are being closed, visitation to hospitals is being restricted, the stock market has gone crazy, and many churches are closing their doors. What is sad is that people have panicked with their purchases and stores have rows of empty shelves of basic necessities.

There are two drawings here. One is of the corona virus. We are all familiar with it by now. Next we have praying hands. As Christians we need to pray that this crisis will soon pass. We also need to be reasonable as a church. For that reason, we have cancelled all meetings at the church for the rest of the month. We invite everyone to join us for worship these next two Sundays through Facebook. We will share a few songs and a message for your heart. This is reasonable worship in times like these.

God is good. Let us as Christians be an example to our culture of peace, wisdom, and kindness.

Thanks for listening,

Pastor Paul Frick