This Sunday will be a great day at Liberty. We will be open again for in-person worship services for the first time since March 15. There will be many changes made in order to help everyone to be safe in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. A new term has entered our vocabulary: social distancing. With our auditorium, we can accommodate around 90 people and keep everyone safe.

Social distancing is not natural for Christians. We like to hug and be close to one another as a way to encourage each other. But in these new times, we will have to adapt. Our church has a three step process of reopening our church. Step One will provide in-person worship services only on Sunday mornings and Sunday nights. There will be no nursery or Children’s Church during Step One. All surfaces in the restrooms, foyer, and auditorium will be cleaned before the next service. Sunday School and Wednesday night activities will be added in later steps as conditions permit.

We want everyone to be safe. Some of our members do not feel in the present situation. If you fall into this category, over 70, immune compromised, or a cancer survivor, you may want to continue watching our services on-line. If you want to come anyway, you are more than welcome.

Continue praying for our country as we face the social, economic, and health challenges of this pandemic. My prayer is that many people will see that God is the most essential part of daily life. His presence and blessings can help us overcome any challenge that life brings.

Thanks for listening,

Pastor Paul Frick