A new cell tower went up in the Joyner community last week. Cell coverage in that part of Morgan County has been spotty and now that this new cell tower is up, the calls should be coming in loud and clear.

In order to get this tower up, a foundation was built several weeks ago. Then a crane and the segments of the power were brought in and erected.

Putting the sections of the tower up required men to climb the tower. It looked pretty high to me and I thought it took courage to climb up that high. I know that they had safety harnesses on but still the strength and skill needed to climb and work at that height really impressed me. These men and their company were truly dedicated to seeing better service for their customers.

After much work, the tower was finally completed and the tower was in full service to the community. The reason I am showing these pictures is that our churches need to use the same diligence to get the message out to our community about the love of Jesus Christ. But cell towers not only send out signals, they receive them. Part of the work of the church is to “hear” the needs and hurts of those living in their community. My prayer for Liberty Baptist Church is that we will be a place that not only sends out the message of the gospel, but that we will also be a place where we “hear” what people need and then then meet that need. We do that already in many ways. We support ministries in our community and state that help others. We have a chapter of NA/AA that meets on Mondays and Thursdays to provide a safe place for recovery.

That is what Christ would have us do. We are to be a tower of strength that reminds people of the love of God. May we find the courage and compassion to be the hands and feet of Christ in Morgan County.

Thanks for listening,

Pastor Paul Frick