Members watch the bunk beds being assembled.

Today we had the joy of learning more about the organization called Sleep in Heavenly Peace. There is chapter in Knoxville and we are going to partner with them to build beds to distribute to families in our county. Their motto is “No Child Sleeps on the Floor in Our Town.” Statistics tell us that in any given community in our county, 2-3% of children do not have their own beds.

A fully assembled bunk. A total of nine slates are used for each bed.

There is already a lot of interest from our members in this ministry. Right now we are in a planning phase where we are going to develop the forms needed to collect the names of families who need beds. Mary Simpson from Storehouse Ministries will develop our first initial list. We also need to obtain a materials list. Once this is done, we can decide how many beds need to be built. The estimate is that it costs $350 to buy the materials and bedding for one bunk bed. Our first build has been tentatively set for August 8. If there is enough interest and funds quickly received, the build day may be moved to late spring. We will keep everyone apprised as this project develops.

The Lord continues to bless our church in so many ways. Let us keep praying and serving together to honor the Lord.

Thanks for listening,

Pastor Paul Frick