The Church Council met last Tuesday night to hammer out the details of Step 2 to reopen our church after the shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The details of the plan were mailed out this week and you should receive a letter soon from the church. Step Two goes into effect on July 26. Our Number One goal is everyone’s safety. Numerous agencies have issued guidelines for churches and we have leaned on these guidelines to issue our precautions for each step of reopening.

Thanks for listening. I hope this post answers your questions about what is next.

Pastor Paul Frick

Step Two:

Sunday Worship services will continue as well as the NA/AA group and other approved gatherings. All adult Sunday School classes will resume in the room assigned for this step. Sunday School classes for Grades 1-Youth will resume in the room assigned for this step. Children’s Church for children Grades K-3rd grade will resume. Preschool Sunday School classes and nursery services will not be provided at this time. Wednesday Night activities will remain suspended.

The following precautions from Step One will continue:

  1. Doors to the restrooms, auditorium, and classrooms will be propped open so that no one has to touch a door handle. An usher will open one of the front doors of the Worship Center and be sure that social distancing is maintained.
  2. No Adult Choir rehearsals will be held and there will be no Adult choir in the choir loft.
  3. No fellowship time during the Worship Time (permanent change).
  4. Offerings are collected using the offering boxes in the foyer (permanent change).
  5. At the end of worship services, the Pastor or an usher will dismiss people by row to assist with social distancing.
  6. Adults with high-risk chronic medical problems, immune compromised, over the age of 70, or cancer patients are encouraged to watch our worship services on-line; however, you may attend services in-person if you so desire.
  7. Individuals wanting to wear masks are encouraged to do so. Free masks are available in the foyer of the Worship Center for those who need a mask.
  8. Social distancing of six feet will be observed as much as possible.

The following precautions are being added for Step Two:

  1. Temperature checks will be required for everyone entering our buildings. Anyone with a temperature above 100.0 degrees will not be allowed to enter our facilities. Those who had their temperature taken at the Activities Center or on the van do not have to have their temperature taken again in order to enter the Worship Center.
  2. There will be three temperature stations on campus and everyone must enter our buildings using one of these entrances: 1. The Front Door of the Worship Center. 2. The Front Door of the Activities Center. 3. The Side Basement Door of the Activities Center closest to the church sign.
  3. Van services resume with the following conditions:
    A. The van driver and the passengers must wear a mask.
    B. Only six passengers can be transported at one time; the Pastor and the Sunday School Director will decide who shall be allowed to ride the van.
    C. The passengers shall be at least 10 years old and their parents or guardians must sign a permission slip that includes a COVID-19 waiver.
    D. All passengers must have their temperature taken. Anyone with a temperature above 100.0 degrees may not ride the van that day.